❥Five Steps to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works

❥Five Steps to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works


If you haven’t heard of a vision board, you are missing out on something that’s not only fun to create,  but also something that will help you to stay grounded and focused.


What is a Vision Board?

First things first, you need to truly understand the meaning and purpose behind a vision board, and cultivate a positive mindset. If you think you can just slap a bunch of pictures onto a poster board and call it a day then you’ve got it all wrong. If you think you can just cut and paste down pictures of things that you want in life, and you will magically receive them because they’re on the board, you’ve also got it all wrong. You should be choosing the pictures and words for the vision board intentionally, and understand that you have to put in work in order for the vision board to work. The vision board is not magic on its own, but with the correct mindset, and ambition, the results can be magical.





YOUR IDEAL OR DREAM | Dreamhouse, car, office, wedding, man/woman, holiday. Ideal self, hair, skin, body, outfit.

MATERIAL WANTS AND NEEDS | The perfect wardrobe. The jewelry of your dreams. The designer handbag you lust over. The sunglasses you want to purchase. The tech – computer, phone or camera you want.

YOUR IDEAL BUSINESS/BLOG | What you want it to look like. The kind of business lifestyle you want. The way you want to feel about your business. The influencers in your industry: Who you want to be like and look up to. Who you want to connect/collaborate with. The income/sales you want to generate.

THE IDEAL MINDSET |  How you want to feel. How you want to make other people feel. What words you’d like people to use to describe you. What quotes inspire you and what focus words keep you grounded.

How to create a Vision board?

01/ Understand the purpose of a vision board. Whenever you look at your vision board, you start seeing yourself having or doing all the things that you put on your board. Over time, these images will go in your subconscious mind, you become more positive, inspired and motivated, you become more likely to take action to achieve your goals.

02/ Know what you want before you start creating a vision board. Do you have you need to know what you want before you start creating a vision board? Do you have clear, written, measurable goals? If you have no written goals, this is where you need to start. Set 1-2 goals for each area of growth:

  • Career
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Self-cultivation
  • Happiness


03/ Collect materials.

  • Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Paper
  • Images
  • Affirmations: Images and affirmations should reflect your goals and things you want to achieve.


04/ Set a structure and place images and affirmations in place. This is entirely up to you, I personally prefer to separate the cardboard in five different sections for each area of growth.

05/ Put it somewhere you can use it every day.  At least once or twice a day take a few minutes to look at it and visualize whatever you have already put on it.




Look at your vision board regularly to remember what you are working towards. I personally love to use my vision board for visualization. Spend time imagining what it would be like for elements of your vision board to come true. Let the feelings wash over you and actually try to feel the emotions – be it excitement, thrill or nervousness. Another great way to use your vision board is to pick an image or quote on your vision board and journal about how you’ll make it happen and what that feels like for you. Be as descriptive as possible, literally describe it happening to you and what that means to you. Then perhaps also strategies what you could do to make it happen!


Make your vision so clear that your fears become irrelevant.