❥Where are all my BOY Mamas at?!

Where are all my BOY Mamas at?!

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Raise your hand👋🏽 if little (um, 5’10’ little) boys who surprise you with flowers melts your heart! I was just about to take a few pictures for this fun collaboration with Pink Blush and J.J. handed me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.! My sweet J.J. is constantly picking flowers. No matter where we go, he’ll find the littlest flower 😅 to make his mama’s day! I hope his kindness never stops.

“The little things.”
“The little moments.”
“They aren’t so little.”

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Check out Pink Blush for the cutest spring dresses!  This adorable wrap dress was perfect for this Easter Sunday! And these sweet flowers were exactly what the pictures needed!

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