About Me



Hi, I’m Gia and welcome to my site! I’m a social media marketer and business owner of a luxury beauty brand called Bellame Beauty. My educational background is business marketing and I am currently working on completing my MBA. Not only that, I’m a homeschooling mom of four and a proud military spouse. Currently, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, but my family has had the honor of serving our country from all over the globe. I love all things beauty, planning, organizing, and adventuring with my boys.  I’m a free spirit, light-hearted, love to laugh, and music is my therapy. I’ve found my own way of keeping this balance in love, life, and beauty, and I encourage all women to do the same.



First and foremost my heart is with educating my children at home. This will be our 12th year with homeschooling and it has been a blessing for our family. I have fully committed to providing them with a well-rounded education and I teach using an eclectic mix of both Classical Style and Charlotte Mason.

With this being said, I wholeheartedly understand how as mothers, we joyfully sacrifice everything for our families. It’s easy to forget to take care of our bodies, minds, and spirits; we simply cannot pour from an empty cup! One thing I’ve learned is that life is about progression, not perfection. Believe me, being married to the service and a mom to four strong-willed boys, I know!


Community is also very important to me; I believe it’s possible for women to live their best life and have amazing support while doing it. My passion is connecting with women and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves. I love hopping on Facebook lives, interacting on social media, and bonding with women, from all walks of life at events and meetups. Helping to make women feel beautiful both inside is one of my dearest passions.  I am so proud of the community I’ve formed with so many women who have truly become great friends.


IMG_1890.PNGI became a founder with a luxury beauty brand with true love and respect for women empowerment and entrepreneurship. I wholeheartedly believe in the industry and I have personally witnessed what it can do for self-confidence, self-love, and helping others to succeed. Whenever possible, I purchase my products from other social companies and support entrepreneurs that are building their businesses. One of the sweetest things in this world is witnessing women leaning into their potential, to grow their passion from the ground up.  It’s truly an honor to help mothers achieve their professional goals while helping create more flexibility so they don’t miss family milestones, pay off debt, & live the lives they’ve dreamed of.  Have you considered starting your own business? My advice is to be fearless and have a vision. Believe in yourself and always show up. Stay focused and get out there. Get inspired and stay motivated.


Well, that’s a little about me, if you’d like to tell me about you, I’d always love to hear it! So please stick around and let’s connect on your favorite social media platform.  The greatest part is to find new friends & support along the way.