❥How to Set SMART Goals


❥How to Set SMART Goals + Free Download!

A goal is the desired result that a person or group of people envisions, plans and commits to achieve. We’ve all got goals, some big and some small. Some personal, some career oriented. Whatever your goal is, think about it. Is it specific enough? What are the steps to achieve this goal? How are you going to measure success? I know this can seem daunting at first, but there is a way that you can set goals that are relevant and that you can accomplish and set out to achieve.


Set goals and actually reach them with the SMART method.



01) Specific

  • What is the scope of the project?
  • Why is needed?


02) Measurable

  • What metrics are you going to use to determine if you meet the goal?
  • How are you going to quantify it?


03) Achievable

  • How to accomplish the goal if you have the tools/skills needed.
  • If you don’t have the skills/tools, consider what it would take to attain them.


04) Relevant

  • Is it important for you
  • Is it important for your business/career


05) Time-bound

  • Target date
  • Time frame





I want to make healthy eating and working out a lifelong habit.



I will plan meals and workouts weekly. I will cook and workout three times a week.



I will achieve this by committing myself and following my workout and meal plans.



This is important to me because I will feel healthier and will have more energy.



I will do this for one year.



I want to feel healthier and have more energy, I will accomplish this by making healthy eating and working out a lifelong habit. In 2019 I will plan meals and workouts weekly, will cook and workout three times a week.


A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot.

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❥Work Smarter, Not Harder

❥Work Smarter, Not Harder + free download!

The key to being successful is not working more but working less and working smarter. More and more people are realizing that you don’t have to work more than 40 hours a week to be successful. In fact, you can work less than 40 hours and get more done, all it takes is commitment.

Here are FIVE tips to work smarter not harder


01 Get organized

On Sunday mornings I spend 1-2 hours planning my week. I update my children’s lesson plans, choose my family’s meals, plan workouts and write a to-do list of tasks I want to complete this week.

02 Prioritize

After I am done organizing my week I add priorities, both business and personal, to my to-do list. This helps me focus throughout the week and I make sure I complete those high priority tasks first.

03 Remove distractions

These are some of the strategies I use to remove distractions: Allocate time to batch emails and phone alerts. Instead of constantly reading emails every time an email arrives in your inbox, allocate chunks of time to specifically read and respond to emails during the day.

Block calendar. This one is important to me. Most of my day consists of homeschooling my four children. I make sure to give my boys 110% of my attention at this time, everything else can wait. For my business, I support multiple projects and I work on multiple leadership and mentorship tasks. It’s extremely important for me to plan out my week and set blocks on my calendars when I can work once schooling an tutoring is done. I need to work without any interruptions, especially when I have team calls and/or chats. Ever since I started doing this, my performance increased significantly.

04 Reduce context switching

Every time you switch tasks there’s a drop in performance because you have to wrap up what you were working on and wrap your head around the new task. Imagine if you switched between tasks 6-12 times a day?

05 Do a recap

Recaps can be eye-openers. When I first looked at my daily to-do lists and saw just how little I was actually finishing I knew I needed to do a bit more digging. That is when I found I was spending more time on distractions rather than on accomplishing things on my list.


Feel free to download the weekly planner page. You’ll need one page a week, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll accomplish!

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